COPACAbANA Keratin Shampoo

Formulated specifically as AfterCare for HairBotox, IPANEMA and AMAZON smoothing and relaxing treatments to be used as a daily cleansing shampoo with Colour Lock

Formulated with essential vitamins

Formulated with essential vitamins, minerals and natural hydrolysed keratin to help protect against UV Rays, maintain moisture and continuously nourish and keep hair shiny and healthy looking.

After achieving smooth, straight and luxurious hair, longevity is critical. Enhance, protect and maintain your beautiful


When traditional shampoos strips the hair of dirt, they also strip away many important nutrients. The vitamins, Hydrolyzed keratin, and nutrients combined in COPACABANA SHAMPOO collaborate to infuse damaged shafts with the nutrients they desperately need. Daily use of this shampoo repairs damage, prevents split-ends, and restores the health of your hair.


Penetrate the hair shaft and regenerate from within. It effortlessly enters the deepest layers of dry and damaged shafts, activates the cells, and leaves hair healthy and full of life. As a result, hair is left soft, manageable, and silky to the touch


  • Our products are 100% free of phosphates, waxes, fillers, salts, parabens & harmful petrochemicals.


  • Are natural.
  • No Animal Testing.
  • Made from the purest organic botanicals, extracts, antioxidants, vitamins & essential oils.